Was Born. Been Doing Things Since.

                                            – don’t need a degree. in philosophy. to ask why.


The Names Are Known and the Year of the Ep. pART. ONE – the March Ep. 2 months ago

It all started with the March Ep. We had just finished “the record”… “To The People Of The Future” (only some of which any one has heard). We hadn’t really let anyone know what we’d been working on (for almost 2 years at that point). It had been OUR project entirely, methodically pieced together through experimentation, […]

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J(N)AMES is EVERYWHERE. (and the making of the newest release by the Names Are Known) 3 months ago

Released in mixtape fashion in February and as an album in March, J(N)AMES was originally conceived as an tribute to the gone but still with us JAMES “J.DILLA” YANCEY. Loaded with beats from the amazing LORD QUEST (Schoolboy Q, Kardinal, Dom Kennedy, and more)… many from his own J.DILLA tribute “ A Letter to James […]

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Toronto City Riot 1 year ago

We came together out of a collective need to put down the drum machines and rhyme pages for a few hours each week and tap into that part of ourselves where immediacy and instinct triumph over pre-meditation… the-first-idea-is-the-best-idea type thinking. This music has no lyrics and plenty of “mistakes” left in it. No fancy b.s. […]

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The Miseducation of The Names Are Known 1 year ago

In 2012, eight time Grammy award winner Lauryn Hill plead guilty to failure to paying federal taxes on $1.8 million she earned from 2005 – 2007. On May 6 2013, Ms. Hill was sentenced to three months in prison with an additional three months of ‘home confinement’. On July 8 2013, the ex-Fugees band mate […]

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